02 Sponsored a youth soccer team of East Timor and UNICEF
04 Opened BASIC HOUSE, Mind Bridge, VOLL, THE CLASS No.1 in Singapore
Opened BASIC HOUSE, Mind Bridge, VOLL, THE CLASS No.1 in Malaysia
05 BASIC HOUSE registered the trademark 'NEVER ALONE campaign'
07 Merged with SPORTS ABILITY Co., Ltd
Applied for a patent on RFID tag information auto recording system
11 Won a award at the 2010 KOREA IT Innovation Award
Made a sponsorship contract with the Korea Red Cross
12 Baijiahu Shanghai Co., Ltd. won the excellence award at the 1st
01 Building wells was completed in Cambodia
03 28th BASIC HOUSE DAY, sponsored a youth soccer team
06 Opend 'BASIC HOUSE' chain store No.400 in China
12 Mind Bridge(home page) won a award at the 2008 Web Award-fashion field
11 BASIC HOUSE China generated one hundred million RMB in sales for a month
07 Opened 'Mind Bridge' chain store No.1 in Saudi Arabia
06 Won the Finalist award at the 2008 Golden award of Montreux(BASIC HOUSE Re-Creating campaign CF)
04 Established TBH America LLC, an overseas corporation in the U.S.
03 Launched ai:barn, a eco-friendly life style brand.
02 Launched DIACE, a casual brand for seniors.
09 Opened 'BASIC HOUSE' chain store No.1 in Mongolia.
08 Founded TBH Global Limited, an overseas corporation in Hong Kong.
07 Free issue of new shares (Financial resources: paid-in capital in excess of par value, the percent of capital increase: 50%, increased capital: KRW 10,428,409,500)
05 Established and financed BH ASSET Co., Ltd.(비에이치에셋), a new corporation intended to operate outlet stores.
02 Launched a total coordination brand THE CLASS for men. (www.e-theclass.co.kr)
02 Voll, character women’s brand launched (http://www.evoll.co.kr)
04 First Basic House shop opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
06 Sales of Red Devil T-Shirt exceeded by 1 million pieces
07 First Basic House Shop opened in Yerevan, Armenia
07 First Basic House shop opened in Yakutsk, Russia
07 First Basic House shop opened in Kuwait
07 Established new corporation, FAB Inc. of D'urban (www.durban.co.kr)
07 Established new corporation, Sports Ability Co., Ltd. of Speedo (www.speedokorea.com)
12 Attracting investment of Goldman Sachs Group
04 First Basic House shop opened in Hong Kong (Citistore)
05 Dalian, China office opened
09 Contract on investment and strategic cooperation with Mitsui & Co.,Ltd
12 Listed on Korean Stock Market
01 Exceeded Basic House members by 2,000,000 people.
05 Took first place in sales volume amongst casual brands in Korea
06 Relocation into Seoul corporate office building in Dogok-dong
07 Completion/moving in Dogok BH Building
11 Exceeded 1,000 designs per year mark
12 Received Award for Best Distributor, hosted and presented by Maeil Economic Daily and Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
12 The first Basic House shop opened in Shimao, Shanghai, China
12 The only single brand to exceed US $200 million in sales per year (based on retail price)
08 Mind Bridge, casual business selection launched (www.mindbridge.co.kr)
12 150th Basic House shop opened in Myung-dong, Korea
04 Shanghai, China office opened
09 100th Basic House shop opened in Bucheon, Korea
09 Completed Eonyang Distribution Center
01 Founded The Basic House Co., Ltd.
03 Basic House on-line shopping mall opened (http://www.basichouse.co.kr)
06 Qingdao, China office opened
09 First Basic House shop opened in Mora-dong, Busan
08 Founded Il-Heung Textile
05 Founded Il-Heung Dye Works
04 Founded Il-Heung Trading Company